You will find the fees and the travel expenses of the ladies in the respective profiles.

The mediation service provided by us is inclusive for you.

XE Personal Currency Assistant


Payment Information

Sensescort like to point out to our clients ,that you enter into a contract with the Escort Lady .
Sensescort only provides procurement service, which is included in to the total fee.

To complete anonymity is preserved on the part of the client and the lady, no-cash payment.
Bank transfer, credit card ,or western union., is required to the escort agency and not to the lady .
This is exclusivey by order of the ladies.

You can gladly also enjoy the company of our Escorts Ladies, together with your female partner. In this case, the total professional fee is increased by one third.

In order for you to enjoy your date unencumbered from the first to the last moment, we recommend that you bypass the business part, by transferring up to 100% of the professional fee to us, in advance.


Traveling expenses

All of the above professional fees are exclusive of travel costs.
In the event of a longer journey for the escorts model, a down payment is required in such cases.

Your payment options

We trust that you will obey the rules of good practice etiquette. Please handover your gift to the lady in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the date, in order to ensure the possibility of a recount.
Bank transfer
Bank Details will be forwarded to you on request. Just like in the case of our ladies, you certainly attach utmost importance to discretion.
Credit Card
MasterCard VisaCard American Express
We also accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Please be aware that additional banking fees of 4% on all credit card payments will be charged. We kindly ask you to consider that credit card payments must be conducted timely prior to your appointment with our models.


Western – Union
You have also the opportunity to transfer your payment via Western Union. Please contact us if you are interested. In case you are not familiar with Western Union, we provide you here further details and information.

Rates holiday booking

If you would like to book a vacation, I will be happy to send you a custom tailored offer.

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