Only our loyal customers have access to our Members Lounge.

From our perspective, a loyal customer is someone …
… Who has used our High Class Escorts Service at least twice in two months.
… Whose full first and last name we know and who has made a positive impression on us.

In addition to our individual* benefits our members also enjoy:

  • Access to the Members Lounge
  • Models and their absolutely breathtaking beauty, no holds barred
  • More VIP escorts
  • Raw privately Selfies / pictures
  • All intimate preferences / details

So what are your individual benefits?

The more reservations you make with us, the better we will be prepared to accommodate all of your special wishes. In other words: over time, we will get to know you better and as a result, we will know exactly what is important to you when you make your next reservation.
These benefits may be small details – such as your room reservation or which model is absolutely perfect for you.

First class service that meets and exceeds your expectations – that’s priority one in our eyes.