FAQ for Escorts

Am I suitable to be an escort?

Are you affectionate, approachable and intelligent? You love variety, adapt quickly to new situations and everyone feels comfortable around you? Do you always meet your counterpart with respect and empathy? Then you already have the most important basic requirements. You should also know how to conduct yourself elegantly in upscale hotels and good restaurants as well as how to enjoy a good conversation.
But first and foremost, you should be full of life and enjoy what you are doing, because your date will of course notice whether you are feeling comfortable and, in the end, it is what our clients want most from a date: a natural and authentic encounter.



Do I have to have model measurements?

No, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own body and that you radiate confidence. Our clients are all different and so each of them desires a different escort with her own unique characteristics for his dream date.
We know from experience that a slim figure is well received, but more important than your dress size is that you take good care of yourself. An athletic figure, smooth, soft skin and well-groomed hair; the overall picture must fit and whoever takes care of themselves will also feel comfortable with themselves.



How does the photoshoot go?

We have been working together with a renowned photographer for a long time. He not only takes aesthetic and beautiful photos of our girls, but also creates a relaxed atmosphere at every photoshoot, so that you really feel comfortable at the shoot so that fantastic images can be created.
We will take care of all the organisational issues for your photoshoot, so you really only have to take care of yourself and your naturally beautiful appearance on your shooting day and then smile, smile, smile.



How many dates do I have per month?

That depends on how much you want to do. You alone decide when and how much you want to work. As a high-class escort agency we work individually and directly with the clients and the girls to organise the perfect date for both of you.
If you are particularly flexible, you can even go on holiday for a few days.
However, you should have both feet firmly on the ground and be able to study or have a steady job. The adventures as a High-Class Escort should also be an exciting change from everyday life for you.



How much do I know in advance about my date?

We will provide you with all the information you need for a successful date in advance. If you are accompanying a client on a trip, we will also organise the arrival and departure with you and make sure that you have the most relaxed trip possible.
However, the thrilling question of what your date will actually look like remains with you again and again. Of course, we pay special attention to the privacy of our clients and treat all information entrusted to us with the utmost discretion and care.
Be assured, however, that we will only arrange a date if the probability is high that it can fit well between the two of you.



How is my safety guaranteed?

Your safety is of course as important to us as it is to you. When you go to a date, we will have already checked beforehand who you will meet there and whether all the details about the hotel and meeting place are correct. So, we know exactly where you are at any time and of course with whom, anonymous bookings are not allowed.
When you arrive at your date, you let us know and let us know after your date that you are well, how it was for you and that you are safely on your way home. If, contrary to expectations, something happens during a date, you don’t feel well or something goes wrong, we are always available to help you at any time.
We guarantee for your safety so that you can peacefully and safely enjoy your date.



How does a meeting go?

That’s what’s so exciting! Every encounter is unique. Our clients are very different and have different wishes and conceptions of their dream date, so it will never be boring for you.
A meeting can last from two hours up to several days, it can take place at your place or you can go on luxurious trips. From starred restaurants, relaxed spa visits, cultural programs to sensual adventures – everything you could possibly want to do is waiting for you.
All our clients have one thing in common, however: in the end, for a successful date they all want a warm and cheerful companion with whom they can have a good time, enjoy sensual moments and let time fly by.



What does the job or, as we call it, “the passion” offer me?

A life as a high-class escort offers you the chance for exciting, sensual adventures away from everyday life. You get to know exciting people and gather experiences that might otherwise never have crossed your life.
If your time allows and you feel like it, you can also accompany some of our clients on their travels to dreamlike places and luxurious hotels or you can stay in your area and discover the most beautiful hotels and best restaurants close to you.



What happens if I get sick?

Before every date we ask you whether you have time and inclination to attend a date, so you alone decide. Accordingly, we and the customer rely on your promise, but what if you get sick or have to cancel at short notice?
Nobody is prepared against illness and we want you to be fit and rested when you come to your date. If you have to cancel because of illness or a real emergency, we will understand. However, so that we can rely on you and send you to our customers with a clear conscience, you should check in advance of every date that you agree to, whether the client is suitable to avoid cancellations. So, everybody can look forward to a thrilling date.



What do we offer you as an agency?

As an internationally known high class escort agency we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and thanks to our discretion and experience international and national business people, lawyers, doctors and wealthy gentlemen entrust us with their wishes and preferences. Thus, we have satisfied clients all over the world and offer you the chance to meet them safely, discreetly and without organisational effort.
We get to know all of our girls personally and work with each client on his dream date individually, so that in the end the chemistry is right and you both spend a successful date together.
We are a first-class high-class escort agency and we attach great importance to your safety, the discretion of our clients and a smooth process on both sides.


We would be glad to answer all of your questions.

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