Ella High Escort Model Frankfurt

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  • Height: 1,57m

  • Hair color: Dunkelbraun

  • Eye Color: Braun

  • Bra Size: 70 A

  • Dress Size: 34

  • Weight: 44 kg

  • Conversation: Deutsch, Englisch

Ella High Escort Model Frankfurt

Details about Ella

  • Age:

    Ende 20

  • Smoking:

    Tolerante Nichtraucherin

  • Cuisine:

    Französisch, Griechisch, Italienisch

  • Drinks:

    Cocktails- alkoholfrei

  • Clothing style:

    Casual, Chic, Klassisch, Sportlich

  • Lingerie:

    La Perla

  • Perfume:

    Chanel, Chloé, Gucci

  • Occupation:


  • Freetime and Sports:

    Architecture, beginner golf, cooking, art, reading, middle distance running, pilates

  • I liked:

    Hamburg, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris

  • I would like to discover:

    Bali, Cape Town, Sydney

  • Gift ideas:

    Lingerie and a good perfume

  • Motto:

    Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible!

An introduction to High-Class Escort Ella

Ella is a superwoman. Her long natural hair, deep gaze and fine contours make her face look flawless. Her silky-soft skin and breathtakingly athletic firm body will drive any man out of his mind. The marathon runner has her feet on the ground, is very committed to her profession, her interests are varied and she enjoys sharing her vigour and enthusiasm with her counterpart.
If you are looking for an athletic, educated and sensitive high-class escort, you will be perfectly delighted with Ella. Lustful, experimental and without taboos – Ella loves sexuality in all its facets. Frivolous dinner dates, exciting club evenings (for example at the KitKat in Berlin), loving tenderness in the hotel room, steamy wellness stays or foreign cities – Ella accompanies her counterpart on every adventure.
Ella enjoys being an object of desire, a lustful playmate, an erotic seductress and a romantic who loves to philosophise about the world under the stars. She enjoys stimulating conversations and greatly appreciates discovering new perspectives with an educated gentleman.
Ella likes to live out her multi-layered nature in different emotions. On the one hand, she is a clever and empathetic listener and, on the other, the person who tickles out secret preferences. Her trained, yet feminine stature gives her a very elegant appearance. She enjoys it when her counterpart shows his desire for her and her body. Then she surrenders and enjoys her submissive role. However, she can also set the tone and show exactly what she wants and what brings her to ecstasy.
Whether casually or elegantly dressed, Ella’s appearance is always stunning and stylish. Her natural beauty and authentic character make her a perfect high-class escort who moves confidently in every setting.
Sophisticated, empathic and ready for any adventure, for me it is a wonderful coincidence winning Ella over for us. Her passionate and uninhibited nature is special, she is an aphrodisiac and a delight at the same time.



Ein paar Worte von Ella the elite escort from Frankfurt

I am a very cheerful, humorous person who has both feet on the ground.
I love to embody my sensuality and femininity. But I appreciate it just as much when a man appreciates my clever head.
I am a person who loves to philosophize about the world under the starry sky. But I also like it just as much when we discover a new city together.
I am very versatile and multifaceted because of my life story.
So far I haven’t lost the child in me and I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to the fine little things in life.
I’m a big fan of the Audrey Hepburn and James Dean era.
For me, this period embodies style and class.
In addition to activities in the big, beautiful, colorful world, I also like to hide at home with a book by Erich Fromm or something classic by Goethe.

to put it in a nutshell, it was a resounding success. Ella is not just beautiful, she is also a really good conversationalist with very stimulating topics. You can feel, that she is really enjoying what she is doing. Just the thought of the meeting makes me smile again.


2 hours* 900 1050 1045
3 hours* 1100 1280 1275
4 hours* 1300 1510 1505
6 hours* 1600 1860 1855
1 Night
(up to 12 hours)*
2100 2450 2445
1 Night
(up to 18 hours)*
2400 2750 2745
1 Day
(up to 24 hours)*
2700 3100 3095
2 Days
(up to 48 hours)*
4500 5150 5145
Each additional day* 1200 1390 1385

Travel Expense

    StadtTravel Expense
  • Frankfurtno travel expensesfrom 2 hours
  • Mainz50 Eurofrom 3 hours
  • Wiesbaden50 Eurofrom 3 hours
  • Darmstadt50 Eurofrom 3 hours
  • Mannheim100 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Heidelberg100 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Würzburg100 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Düsseldorf200 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Köln200 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Bonn200 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Stuttgart200 Eurofrom 4 hours
  • Munich300 Eurofrom 6 hours
  • Hamburg300 Eurofrom 6 hours
  • Berlin300 Eurofrom 6 hours
  • Schweizauf Anfragefrom 6 hours
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Payment Information

In order for you to enjoy your date unencumbered from the first to the last moment, we recommend that you bypass the business part, by transferring up to 100% of the professional fee to us, in advance.

ou can gladly also enjoy the company of our Escorts Ladies, together with your female partner. In this case, the total professional fee is increased by one third.

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