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Who is your contractual party

Sens Escorts is a Adverting Plattform .

The escorts are not employed by us, rather they work as freelance, self-employed contractors. They act in their own name and on their own account. SensEscort is commissioned as an intermediary by the self-employed escorts and receives a commission for a successful placement that is included in the listed price. No contract is concluded by booking through our communication channels. After checking your request, it is forwarded to the respective self-employed escort. A contract exists between yourself and the escort upon her accepting the appointment. The agency is only an intermediary. By booking with us you conclude an agreement with the respective self-employed escort and not a contract with the SensEscort company. The contract is concluded by the booking between you and the escort; the agency therefore has no influence on the scope and design of the date. This is the responsibility of yourself and the self-employed escort. SensEscort assumes no guarantee. Both the acceptance as well as the extension or refusal of the appointment are entirely in the hands of the escort.

The fees and travel expenses on the setcards are determined by the escorts. SensEscort exerts no influence on this as an intermediary. The commission is already included in the prices shown. SensEscort also has no influence on the erotic preferences of the escorts. These will be individually determined by the escort.

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