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Welcome to Sens Escorts

Sens Escorts is an international High Class Escorts Agency with branches in Munich and Frankfurt. My name is Susanna Marcs and I founded the agency in 2014. I am always looking for cultivated, beautiful ladies who have a cosmopolitan, open-minded attitude and who want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Do you know of any woman who does not want to enjoy a thrilling life filled with luxury, adventure & plenty of adventures and to be put on a pedestal day after day? Well, if you join my team this bright future may be just within your reach!

How can I make such promises? Well, my agency only brokers arrangements with carefully selected contacts who are successful, congenial and interesting gentlemen from all over the word – and of course we choose them for you based entirely on your wishes and after first getting your approval!

So, if you are currently a university or college student, completing an apprenticeship or already have a full-time job, this will not be a problem for us. It is entirely up to you how much time you make available. My High Class Escort Services Agency will make this riveting “moonlighting” job as convenient, safe and discrete for you as possible.

I will also be happy to advise you in all clothing, style and public conduct related issues.If you have been considering the opportunity of becoming an escorts for quite some time but have some hesitations, I will be pleased to give you insights into everything so that we can jointly determine whether you are actually ready to embark on the adventurous journey of being an escorts.

Please fill out our application form in advance – and in case the first impression fits, we will be happy to invite you for a talk.

We welcome applications from experienced escorts models as well as from novices and because we provision our services internationally we certainly also welcome applications from Escorts stationed abroad.

We offer you…

  • A lucrative, very interesting after-hours job
  • You can reach us 24 / 7; around the clock
  • We will provide you with a complimentary Modelsed Card
  • Shooting with our professional photographer , including make-up and hairWe
  • we are ready to listen to and discuss all of your concerns
  • We will handle the entire organizational process related to your dates
  • meetings with international and sophisticated clients
  • Worldwide travel
  • Premium hotels and restaurants
  • We will ensure your safety and security

We expect you to…

  • Be at least 20 years of age and no older than 38
  • Be between 160-180cm tall
  • Have a wardrobe that leaves nothing to be desired
  • Have an open-minded, spontaneous and adventurous personality
  • Have a positive outlook on life
  • Like erotica
  • Not have very prominent piercings and / or tattoos
  • Have a solid general level of education
  • Be discrete and maintain confidentiality
  • Be highly flexible and able to cope with a lot of stress
  • Have perfect manners
  • Love to be pampered but also have a strong desire to please your partner and satisfy his wishes
  • Like to travel and that are open-minded towards other countries and cultures
  • Act in an understated, stylish and most especially natural manner
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Have the ability to perfectly articulate what you have to say
  • Speak English fluently and ideally a number of additional foreign language
  • Have a stable personality and are committed to your own principles